How to Play

This is one of the most basic trading card games to learn, but it can still be a ton of fun to play! First, let’s get to understand the cards.

The Cards

There are three types of cards: Minor, Major, and Hero cards. You can tell the cards apart by the border around the picture. The thin, scratchy lines are Minor cards, and all their stats add up to 30. The Major cards have rounded corners and all their stats add up to 35. Finally, the Hero cards have borders that are thick and look as if they’ve been drawn with chalk. All of their stats add up to 40.

Each pack is one sheet that includes 1 Hero, 3 Majors, and 4 Minors. There are some exceptions, but not many.CardTypes

Getting Started

Now let’s set things up. Find out who is going to play this game with you and have everyone print a starter pack of their choice onto a piece of cardstock. Personally, I would even choose two starter packs each when you’re first getting into the game.

Each time you meet to play you’ll be playing for new cards. Pick a new pack and print that one too.

Ok, now you’re ready. It’s a good idea to write down how many of each card you have. If you start with two packs, you’ll have 2 Heroes, 6 Majors, and 8 Minors.

Preparing for Battle

Before the battle, find out which of you has the least amount of cards and go down to that number. If one of you has 5 Heroes and the other 3, you both need to go down to 3 Heroes. Do this for all three types of cards.

Now you’re ready to face off. Shuffle all your cards and lay them face down in front of you, and make sure you have a die.

How to Fight

Flip your first cards over and roll the die. Each stat on your card corresponds to a side of the die. Compare the stats that the die shows.Stats

1 – Strength
2 – Cunning
3 – Stealth
4 – Weaponry
5 – Agility
6 – Magic

Whoever has the highest number wins! It’s as simple as that. The loser sets their card aside in a ‘graveyard,’ and the winner puts their cards aside to be reused. When you get through your entire pile, have each player shuffle through all their winning cards and go through them again.

If you tie, roll again until you have a winner. If both of your cards are exactly the same or at least have all the same stats, play your next cards on top of the tied cards. The winner keeps both of their cards, while the loser loses both of their cards.

When one player runs out cards, their opponent wins.


Winning New Cards

You can set up the game in several different ways. First, you can battle for each individual card in the pack. This works best if you have 2-3 or 5+ players. The winner of the battle gets to add a new card to their collection from the pack you’re fighting for. If you play this way, it’s best to battle for the Minors first, then the Majors, then the hero.

If you have 4 players, you can set up a tournament. In the first round, the winner takes a Major of their choice and advances to the championship, while the loser takes a Minor and heads to the losing round. In the losing round, the winner takes the last Major available, while the loser takes a Minor of their choice. In the championship, the winner takes the Hero, and the loser takes a Minor of their choice.

Any questions or card requests? Comment below or email me at For now, enjoy the fight!


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